SCA talk – Contemporary Chinese literature

Scotland–China Association Zoom talk, Tuesday, 9 November, 7:15pm. 

Speaker:  Frances Weightman, Leeds University

Subject:  “Contemporary Chinese literature – engaging UK-based readers”

As discussions of Chinese politics, economy and culture are becoming increasingly mainstream in the UK, what about Chinese literature? What kinds of literary works are being written (and read) in China today, and how do we persuade UK-based publishers and readers to move out of their comfort zones – beyond the Classics and the Cultural Revolution memoirs  – and to engage with the dynamic range of writing being produced in the 21st century? Using the experience of the Leeds Centre for New Chinese Writing as a case study, Frances will attempt to give a preliminary overview of what seems to be most, and least, successful.

Frances is Associate Professor, East Asian Studies School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, Leeds University. To attend the Zoom talk, contact: