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If you missed Betty Yao’s talk to the SCA on the John Thomson Collection, here is a chance to catch her interview with the ASI:

Asia: Through the Lens of John Thomson
Thursday 9 December 2021 – 12:00pm GMT / 8:00pm HKST

Legendary Scottish photographer and travel writer John Thomson (1837-1921) set off for Singapore in 1862, and in the next 10 years he undertook several major journeys photographing regions of Siam (Thailand), Cambodia and China. Photographs taken on these journeys form one of the most extensive records of any region taken in the 19th century. The range, depth and aesthetic quality of John Thomson’s photographic vision mark him out as one of the most important travel photographers.

2021 commemorates the centenary of Thomson’s death. There is an exhibition of his China photographs at Heriot Watt University, his alma mater, and Historic Environment Scotland has honoured him by erecting a plaque at his childhood home in Old Town Edinburgh.

Exhibition curator Betty Yao MBE will discuss Thomson’s life, career, legacy and the enduring appeal of his photographs in this digital age.

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The Third Pole: How climate change is affecting the Tibetan Plateau

Thursday, 11 November, 1pm GMT

About the Event
The region that encompasses the Hindu Kush Himalayas mountain range and the Tibetan Plateau is widely known as the Third Pole because its ice fields contain the largest reserve of fresh water outside the polar regions. This region is the source of the 10 major river systems that provide irrigation, power and drinking water to over 1.9 billion people in Asia – over 24% of the world’s population.  

About the Panel
Dr. Martin Mills is Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and Director of the Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research.

Professor Maharaj Krishan Pandit is Chief Executive Officer, Institution of Eminence, Dean & Chair, Research Council & Director, CISMHE, University of Delhi. Professor Pandit is a renowned expert on Himalayan ecology, the environment and sustainability.

Mr. Tempa Gyaltsen Zamlha, is Deputy Director of Tibet Policy Institute and also heads the Environment and Development Desk at the Tibet Policy Institute.

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Asia’s Global Financial Centre – Hong Kong in the 21st Century
Thursday 10 February 2022 – 9:00am GMT / 5:00pm HKST

The Global Financial Centres Index ranks Hong Kong as third behind New York and London, an extraordinary achievement for a city that has throughout its history performed beyond the expectations of all observers. This position indicates a deep resilience in Hong Kong business and amongst its people, who seem to thrive on challenges and become even more successful. The Asia Scotland Institute will host a panel from the HK Financial Services Development Council to discuss why Hong Kong performs so well as a global financial centre.