March 10th meeting on “Chinese Imperial Silk”

Date:  Wednesday, 10 March

Time:  7:15 for 7:25pm (please join by 7:25pm, as the talk will begin promptly at 7:30)

David Rosier:  “Heaven’s Embroidered Cloth: The History and Development of Chinese Imperial Silk”

A Zoom link to enable you to log on to the talk will be sent out the day before

In his talk, David will trace the origins of and myths surrounding imperial Chinese silk, which at times was more valuable than gold or jade in China. He will consider silk’s Neolithic origins, the early Imperial workshops and court costume, the expansion of the silk industry, and the Silk Road, before focusing on its peak in the Ming Dynasty and the deterioration in quality during the Qing and the impact of mechanization. The talk will be illustrated with examples of both fabrics and imperial costume that represented the pinnacle of the weavers’ and embroiderer’s expertise in each period.

Not to be missed!