Talk on John Thomson and China

Date:  Tuesday, 9 February. Speaker : Betty Yao
Time:  7:30pm — please join before 7:25pm – the talk will start promptly at 7:30
How to join:  A Zoom link will be sent out a day or two before the event

Legendary Scottish photographer and travel writer John Thomson (1837-1921) set off for Hong Kong in 1868 and in the next five years he undertook several major journeys photographing regions of China – from the Pearl River and the Min River to the Yangtze River, from Fuzhou and Guangzhou to Beijing. Photographs taken on these journeys form one of the most extensive records of any region of China taken in the 19th century. The range, depth and aesthetic quality of John Thomson’s photographic vision mark him out as one of the most important travel photographers. 

We are most fortunate to have Betty Yao, MBE to speak to us about the Victorian photographer John Thomson. Some may remember the wonderful exhibit of his photographs at the Burrell in 2011 and we are looking forward to another exhibition, arranged by Betty, in Edinburgh in the future. Please join us for her talk about Thomson and his legacy. 

September 2021 commemorates the centenary of Thomson’s death and discussions are under way to exhibit his China photographs in Edinburgh.